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The webbing manufacturer will show you the common cotton tapes.
Author:jzxszd  source:This station  issuing time:2018/10/29 14:31:25  Click:1730

Cotton products can be seen everywhere, such as clothes, sheets, towels and backpacks. It's closely related to people's life, but do you know about cotton belt?

Cotton belt is actually a fabric made of cotton or cotton and cotton blended chemical fiber blended yarn.

My company (ribbon manufacturers) analysis, mainly the following characteristics:

Microorganism has a destructive effect on cotton weaving. Its performance is not resistant to mildew, cotton belt is stored too long, will appear discoloration, odor and so on.

Two, cotton belt is light resistant and heat-resistant. In the sunlight and atmosphere, cotton cloth will slowly oxidize and make it strong. The cotton cloth will be damaged by long-term high temperature, but the cotton tape can withstand short high temperature treatment at 125 ~ 150 C, and will not have any effect for the time being.

Three, cotton belt is alkali resistant and acid proof.

Cotton cloth is very unstable to inorganic acid, even if it is very dilute sulfuric acid, it will be destroyed, but the effect of organic acid is weak, almost no destructive effect. Cotton cloth is more alkali-resistant. Dilute alkali generally does not affect cotton cloth at room temperature, but after strong alkali action, the strength of cotton cloth will decrease. Often use 20% caustic soda treatment cotton cloth, can get "mercerized" cotton cloth.

Four, cotton belt hygroscopicity is very strong, shrinkage rate is also large, data show about 4~10%.

As the most authoritative ribbon manufacturer, our company will bring you more knowledge about ribbon for a long time. If you are interested, please pay attention to us at any time.