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How to quickly distinguish the quality of ribbon when choosing it?
Author:jzxszd  source:This station  issuing time:2018/10/29 14:30:31  Click:1633

Ribbon manufacturers: how to quickly distinguish the quality of ribbon when choosing it? Let's learn about it together.

Looking at his appearance, whether we look at people or things, the first impression is very important, which is transmitted from the eyes. Let's first see if the surface of the ribbon is smooth and tidy. If it looks hairy, we will be impressed by the fact that the ribbon is not handled properly and the quality is not good. In fact, it is also true.

The two sides of the lattice ribbon are the take-up part. One side of the ribbon is big and the other side is small. This kind of ribbon is called big and small side in technology. It belongs to bad products. Generally not noticed. In addition, we can measure the width of the ribbon in different places under normal conditions. The error is too big and the quality is not good. The general error is within 1 mm, especially narrow. For example, the error of 3 mm and 6 mm will be within 0.5 mm.

When we see a ribbon, we will pick it up and observe it carefully. When we get it, we will have a rough judgement of the feel of the ribbon. If the general ribbon has good handle, smooth touch and consistent overall drawing shape, the quality will be relatively better. But there are also some ribbons can not be judged by touch, such as gold, silver onion ribbon itself is rough, and the material of the ribbon is different, its touch will be different.

Most of the ribbons we buy will need printing and processing. Look carefully to see if the printing pattern is firm and can meet the needs of our products.

The color fastness of the ribbon, but all textiles, if they have different colors, must use the color fastness. We can judge the quality of the ribbon and whether it will fade when he touches the white paper under normal circumstances, when he washes it in water, when he washes it in high temperature, and when he washes it in acid or alkali. Decoloration, if saliva is slightly acidic, can be tested, generally do not discolor harm adults or children.

The weight of ribbon, different weights represent so many ribbons used how many materials, the number of materials represents the production cost of the factory.

The price of ribbon is exactly what we call "one point, one price, one piece of goods".