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How to prevent moisture from weaving
Author:jzxszd  source:This station  issuing time:2018/10/29 14:29:57  Click:5331

Ribbon manufacturers: how to do well to prevent the introduction of wet ribbon, let's learn about it together.

The first thing to do is preventive work. Often let the ribbon factory ventilation, when the sun, let the sun bask in, is the best.

When the wet weather comes, we must close every window of the warehouse, especially the south-facing window, so that the wet can not sneak in.

We can also use some scientific and technological means, that is, the use of dehumidifiers to reduce indoor air humidity.

In general, some air conditioners are also dehumidifying. Generally, this method is slow and can not produce instant dehumidification effect.

It is in the ribbon warehouse hanging some desiccants, this can go to the supermarket to buy a special moisture-proof and dehumidifying desiccant.

It is to buy the moisture-proof cabinets for the ribbon, and put them in safety. But this general cost is relatively high, and it is not necessary for a general small Ribbon Factory to make use of this method.