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  • Address:No. 888, Jiacun, Xiaodong Township, Wuzhi County, Jiaozuo, Henan, China (Mainland)
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   Our factory is a private enterprise specializing in the ribbon industry. At present, there are large production bases in Jiaozuo, Henan. Since 2001, factories have been selling at home and abroad with excellent quality and competitive prices. Customer groups mainly cover Europe and America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The factory has 200 employees, adhering to the concept of building up the world with sincerity, has become a leading enterprise in the ribbon industry. Our factory has close cooperation with major powerful ribbon manufacturers at home and abroad, and jointly enlarges and strengthens the ribbon industry while keeping pace with the times.

  At present, our main products are: polyester ribbon, nylon ribbon, ribbon, snow ribbon, printing ribbon, gold and silver onion ribbon, velvet ribbon, special-shaped ribbon, etc., and can be customized. The products are mainly used for garment accessories, stationery accessories, toy accessories, gift packaging, lace ingredients, Christmas gifts, foreign festival decoration.

   We will follow the new situation, continue to improve and strengthen the internal management of enterprises, reduce costs, improve quality, willing to provide customers with more and better services! Willing to work hand in hand with customers at home and abroad! Create brilliance together!