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How does the ribbon be dyed, and is the ribbon woven and dyed first?
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Ribbon manufacturer: How is the ribbon dyed? That kind of ribbon is first weaved and then dyed. Let's get to know it together.

Dyeing process determined by material:

Polyester fiber

The characteristics of polyester fibers (dense) - hot melt dyeing, high temperature and high pressure dyeing - dyes selected - disperse dyes - temperature - (hot melt dyeing) about 190 degrees Celsius - (high temperature and high pressure dyeing) about 130 degrees Celsius.

Niron (protein product)

Nylon fiber characteristics (reactive functional groups) - steaming process - selected dyes - (weak) acid dyes - temperature - about 100 degrees Celsius.

Cotton products (cellulose fiber)

The basic process and process of dyeing workshop:

Polyester fiber

Entry - Wash - dry - Colour tank - prebake (infrared) - high temperature bake - Wash - dry - drop.

The role of infrared pre drying is:

Dye molecules are initially attached to fibers to prevent the occurrence of coloured flowers.

The role of high temperature baking:

Dye molecules enter the fiber sufficiently and finish the dyeing process of dyes.

The function of reduction and cleaning is:

The excess dye molecules are decomposed to ensure product color fastness.

Nylon fiber

Into the belt - coloured trough - hot steam - steam - after washing - after drying - strip.

The role of steaming:

The acid dye molecules react fully with the corresponding functional groups in the fibers to complete the dyeing process of the fibers with acid dyes.

The function of water washing is:

Remove dye molecules that are not completely reactive, and ensure product color fastness.