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Characteristics of polyester ribbon and polyester cotton belt
Author:jzxszd  source:This station  issuing time:2018/10/29 14:28:12  Click:1641

Polyester ribbon and polyester-cotton ribbon are two common material types in the ribbon industry. At the same time, because of the high quality and better cost performance, these two kinds of ribbons are also popular.

There is only one word difference, but there are many differences. Now let Xiaobian introduce the characteristics of these two kinds of ribbons for you.

Polyester ribbon is more common, because it has higher strength, better impact resistance and wear resistance, and is widely used in all aspects of life.

However, its color occupancy is not good, dyeing needs to be carried out under high temperature conditions, and its hygroscopicity is relatively poor. Polyester-cotton ribbon is a blended fabric of polyester and cotton, so it has two characteristics of polyester and cotton, inheriting the advantages of both.

In dry and wet conditions, the elasticity and wear resistance are good, the size is stable, the shrinkage rate is small, and it has the characteristics of upright, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash and quick drying. They are mostly used in clothing and bags.

Polyester ribbon and polyester-cotton ribbon have their own characteristics and uses, so different fields should consider which kind of ribbon to choose according to the actual situation of application.