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How do we distinguish the quality of the webbing?
Author:jzxszd  source:This station  issuing time:2018/10/29 14:27:16  Click:1671

In fact, the most direct way to verify the quality of a ribbon is to burn it. The burning method is to take out two kinds of warp and weft yarns of unknown type and burn them with lighters respectively. Some physical phenomena are observed during the burning process to determine the raw materials of warp and weft yarns. When burning, the flame, melting condition and the gas emitted should be separately burned. Taste and burning ashes were observed.

Tedo ribbon: Near flame only melts, is difficult to ignite, does not burn, the marginal flame is blue-green carbonization, shoe elastic ribbon melts and decomposes, the gas is toxic, the melt is hard black beads. Fluorine fiber is often used in textile industry to produce high performance sewing thread. It is easy to identify fibers with combustion method, but blending products are not easy to judge.

Nylon ribbon: melting and burning near the fire. When burning, the flame is blue. When leaving the fire, it will continue to melt. It will emit a special irritating odor. After burning, the ash will become loose black ash.

PP ribbon: difficult to burn, extinguish immediately after fire, the flame is yellow, the lower end of the green white smoke, distribution of irritating pungent acid, burnt ashes for black-brown irregular hard blocks, fingers are not easy to twist.

Polyester ribbon: melting near the flame, flammable, slow off-fire combustion and black smoke, yellow flame at the top, blue at the bottom, distribution of oil flavor, burnt ashes for hard round light yellow brown particles, hand twist fragile.