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How to distinguish the positive and negative sides of the ribbon?
Author:jzxszd  source:This station  issuing time:2018/10/29 14:32:08  Click:1650

There are positive and negative sides of the webbing, and of course there is no need to distinguish the reverse double side webbing. Generally speaking, for one-sided ribbon, the front texture and color are more clear and graceful than the back, so it is easy to identify the front and the back.

Especially the front texture of plants with strip appearance and color matching pattern ribbon must be clear and pleasant. The texture of elastic ribbon of shoe material is more obvious especially when weaving jacquard ribbon. How can we distinguish between the difficult to identify single side webbing? Let the ribbon manufacturers worry about you.

Generally, the pattern and color of the front of the ribbon are clearer than the reverse side.

The facade patterns of the plants and matching patterns with a striped appearance must be clear and pleasing. This pattern is especially evident when weave the jacquard belt.

The convex and concave-convex fabrics are compact and delicate on the front, with strip or pattern convex patterns, while the reverse is rough and has a long floating line.

Fluffy fabric: single side fuzzing fabric, with a plush fabric on the side. Double faced plush fabric is made of fluffy and neat sides.

Observe the selvage of fabric: if the cloth is clean and smooth, the neat side is the fabric front.

Double-layer, multi-layer and multi-layer fabrics, such as different warp and weft densities on the front and back, generally have higher density on the front or better raw materials on the front.

Leno fabric: clear cut through the prominent side of fabric.

Towel webbing: with a large side of the terry face.